Successful investing made simple.®

60-day free trial of the Folio Unlimited Plan with up to 2,000 commission-free window trades every month. No obligation.1

Unlimited folios, unlimited accounts, free access to over 160 pre-made Ready-to-Go (RTG) folios. No minimums.

Any combination of up to 100 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in each folio.

Freedom to buy any security–even if it’s less than a full share.2




Additional Features

Total flexibility to build truly diversified portfolios
Proprietary brokerage tools to buy, sell, and rebalance every security in an entire folio at once
Patented commission-free window trades, $3 market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders (see Pricing for details)
Own any stock you want regardless of price3
Invest a consistent dollar amount each month
One-click dollar-cost averaging
No account minimums
Patented Tax Football™ to control your investment tax results
10 different automated tax strategies
Over 1,100 no-load mutual funds and hundreds of ETFs–all commission free!2
33 Target Date folios for many different investment styles
Access to third-party branded RTGs, including Zacks, Investing Daily, IPO Candy, and BetterInvesting Top 100
Complimentary investor questionnaire to learn your risk tolerance and investment style
Socially responsible investing filters, sector and security exclusions so you only own what you want
23 different account types including business, trust, and retirement accounts
Free virtual watch account
Free market research and advanced performance reporting tools
Cash sweep program for extended FDIC and SIPC insurance coverage up to $9.0 million4
Streamlined approach to proxy voting
Easy downloads for popular tax software
  1. Get 60 days of window trading under our Folio Unlimited Plan FREE. We will not charge any fees to your account or credit card until 60 days after you fund your account. See Pricing for details.
  2. Some mutual funds may have investment minimums.
  3. We generally do not support over-the-counter (OTC), pink sheet, bulletin board, or debt securities. There are also a small number of securities available at Folio Investing that are not window-tradable and can only be bought and sold with market/limit orders. These are securities that are only tradable in specified lot sizes, such as HOLDRS and certain preferred stocks.
  4. For joint accounts under the same social security number (SSN); $4.5 million for individual accounts. Learn more about our Cash Sweep Program.