We provide you with access to a wide selection of over 1,100 no-load mutual funds. Plus, we don’t charge commissions on any mutual fund trades.

To find a mutual fund at Folio Investing, view our full list or look up funds by fund family. If you don’t see the one you are interested in, email us.

Funds Aren’t Free

When you invest in funds, the costs are taken directly out of your returns. Learn how mutual funds charge.

Many mutual funds have minimum required investments. Consider this when using funds in a folio. Use our mutual fund minimum look up tool to find the fund you are interested in and whether it has a minimum required investment.

Before investing in a fund, carefully read the prospectus for details on management fees and expenses, and for the fund’s objectives, strategies, and risks. See mutual fund prospectuses.

Folios Are the Mutual Fund Alternative

A folio of stocks can be a great mutual fund alternative. You get the diversification mutual funds provide for an affordable cost, plus the advantages of direct stock ownership, like control over which stocks to own, transparency of ownership, the ability to customize your holdings, and control over when taxable events occur. Learn more about the benefits of folios.

But folios can contain funds as well. You may want funds in a folio or as part of your broader investment strategy to add exposure to specialized asset classes, like commodities, fixed income investments, and international securities.