Folios are virtual baskets containing stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, or any combination you chose. Create as many folios as you want and add up to 100 stocks, ETFs, and/or mutual funds to each one. Buy, sell, or rebalance all at once—in one transaction, with one click—or trade securities in the folio individually.

Folios offer numerous benefits:

  • Diversification: Increase your potential for return while reducing risk with folios comprising a broad range of sectors, asset classes, and strategies.
  • Consistent investing: Add money to folios in dollar amounts, even if it means buying fractions of shares, and set up an automatic investing discipline to protect against market fluctuations and losses due to poor timing.
  • Lower costs and taxes: Pay no commissions* for buying, selling, or rebalancing a folio with our Folio Unlimited Plan. Use automated tax lot management tools to offset long- and short-term capital gains.

It’s fast and easy to build your folios from scratch. Start with pre-made Ready-to-Go (RTG) folios or customize any RTG folio to your specific needs.

Build folios around your own stock, ETF, and fund preferences—or follow an investment strategy you like using picks from the blogs, newsletters, forums, or investment clubs you follow.

Folios are distinct from mutual funds and are not registered investment companies. Ready-to-Go folios include both managed and unmanaged offerings, some of which may require a subscription to third party services.

* For up to 2,000 security trades in windows per calendar month under our Folio Unlimited Plan; fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a window during that month.