We offer several ways to trade, so you can choose what works best for you.

Trade Entire Folios Trade Individual Stocks and Funds
  • Execute as a window trade.
  • Execute as a window trade.
  • Execute as a direct trade for a market, limit, stop, or stop-limit order.

Trade Entire Folios

Trade Entire Folios Containing up to 100 Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETFs with our Online Trading.

Instead of buying, selling, and rebalancing each individual security within your folio, you have the option of updating and trading the entire folio as a single unit. This time-saving feature allows you to maintain your chosen balance among the securities in your folio, even as you add to your investment or take cash out.

And because all folio-level transactions are executed as window trades, you’re also saving money.

We provide portfolio management tools that you can use to easily trade an entire folio, including:

  • Buy More – Add to your investment portfolio.
  • Sell Some or All – Liquidate to raise cash.
  • Rebalance – Realign your portfolio to its target weights.
  • Update & Exchange – Stay in sync with a Ready-to-Go folio or buy and exchange the current holdings in one Ready-to-Go folio for another Ready-to-Go folio.
  • Trade Individual Stocks & Funds – Customize the holdings in a folio.

Trade Individual Stocks and Funds

Buy, Sell, and Trade Individual Securities in Your Online Investment Account.

Window Trades

Our most cost-efficient way to trade, window trades, are executed twice daily, and are the best option for long-term investors. Under our Folio Unlimited Plan, you can place a window trade to buy or sell individual securities or entire folios without worrying about trading commissions.*

A low per-trade commission applies to window trades made under our Basic Plan.

Direct Trades

Want to place a market, limit, stop, or stop-limit order? We also offer direct trading. Place market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders for a low per-trade commission.

Check out our pricing to learn more about which trading plan works best for you.

* For up to 2,000 security trades in windows per calendar month under our Folio Unlimited Plan; fifty cent ($0.50) fee for each additional security trade in a window during that month.